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  • Schermata 01-2457032 alle 3.29.41 PM M_rec night al Berghain di Berlino - Sabato 10 gennaio il Berghain di Berlino apre le sue porte presentando la M_rec night, la label del nostro Max_M.
  • abstract napoli Il Dude Club sbarca a Napoli con Abstract - Questa sera, venerdì 28 novembre al Mosese di  Napoli troverete sul palco il nostro Abstract per il party This Ain’t assieme a B.O.P. e The Normalmen. Qui trovi l’evento Facebook. Enjoy!

  • Oniks Dude Artists

    Oniks is an Italian techno dj & producer, raised in Milano and being introduced about music culture late in he 90’s. Founder of the famous party & label Funk You, begin passionate and start dj focusing on the Uk and Detroit sounds of that time. Over the last few years Oniks played alongside the most...

  • Black Swan Dude Artists

  • The Barking Dogs Dude Artists

    The Barking Dogs is the name of the Italian duo formed by Cristian Croce and Nicola Mazzetti and inspired from Nu Disco. They are djs and producers, creators and residents of the party Discosafari. They live hands on music, expressing their collaboration and friendship in a fancy and ecleptic four-handed show, well know in Italy...

  • Max_M Dude Artists

    Max_M is a techno dj/producer, founder and label owner of M_Rec LTD. Born in Rome in the mid-70s, he’s been involved in the Italian techno and electronic music scene since the early 90s. His cultural and artistic references are tied to the longstanding traditions set by Detroit and Birmingham pioneers: inherently political techno, ...

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